Author, Writing Coach, Editor


Kat has published both fiction and non-fiction books.

Her latest release is a non-fiction book on writing. 

How to Handle Story Structure: A Writer's Guide

Story structure is not usually one of the first issues new writers worry about. First stories often already have beginnings, middles and ends. What more do you need? As new writers begin the process of revision, they will often notice that other writers are asking one another, "What plotting method do you use?" There are plotting methods? "What's your story's premise?" What's a premise? Soon after this the budding writer realizes there is a whole world of information about how to go about crafting a story. This book aims to give you an overview of some of those methods and ideas along with some techniques to help bring you up to speed quickly and with luck, painlessly. This is not a comprehensive text on how to write creative fiction. It contains only those methods I have come across and tried out for myself. In it you will find a discussion of ways to describe your book, figure out what genre your book fits, help with choosing points of view, subplots and sagging middles. I hope you can use this information to guide your journey through the maze of possible ways to write fiction.