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Kat's Workshops get excellent reviews each time she runs them. Her thoughtful and thorough explanations and gentle, personalized feedback have helped participants find their way along the path to publication.

Workshop Testimonials
Worthwhile Workshops Column, NHRWA Summer 2012 Newsletter Instructor Interaction and Feedback: Kat's lovely, gentle manner guides you to understanding. Helpful, detailed feedback to every homework assignment and question. Overall Rating: 5 Hearts  Kat's original and intelligent lessons stand out. -Nancy, NHRWA 

Thank you so much for your workshop (the good ones always go by too fast and seem much too short).  It seemed as if you were reading over my shoulder while I work through the first half of my current story – each lesson arrived in time for me to apply it – and the story is so much better for it.   - Judy S 

I've taken several of your courses at Savvy Authors and I wanted to say thank you for always presenting such informative material and giving such great feedback. Your classes really helped me tighten up my manuscript and the class exercises showed me how to pack more action, emotion, and detail into my scenes. And a couple weeks ago, I signed with an agent! :) Thanks again and I look forward to taking another one of your courses in the future. -Deanna 

​You've done a fantastic job teaching this class. Thank you! You explained scenes and sequels so well, I think I'm getting it. Thanks for a great workshop. I have learned so much, actually I was able to put a lot of things into perspective - writing wise. Thanks again for taking the time to read through the exercises and for providing feedback. Kat, I want to thank-you for a truly wonderful workshop. I thoroughly enjoyed it and wish that I hadn't fallen so far behind. It was so concrete and understandable. I have saved everything and will be applying your system to all future work. Thank-you again for taking the time to do this for us. -Dory 

Kat, thank you again for leading this workshop.  I feel like your lessons really helped to break down what I need to strive for in my writing.  You've given me a lot of things to think about, and I'm hoping if I can apply them and do your lessons justice, then my book will be stronger. So, thank you again for your time!  -HiDee 

Kat, I enjoyed your workshop and feel I have a better concept of scene and sequel. I'm going back now and reading all the posts again and I'm sure I'll learn something more from them. Thanks for taking the time to teach this class. -Jenny 

Thanks Kat, Your workshops are really great and informative. Your instruction style gels with my learning style I suppose. Even though I was a lurker I gained so much from this class. Thank you. -Mary A 

Kat,There aren't classes out there like this.  One of the best I have seen.  The lessons are straightforward and detailed. I know I learned a lot. Thank you for a great class. -Mageela